Barrow Wise was awarded GSA 8(a) STARS III GWAC, a contract designed to provide federal agencies with innovative information technology (IT) services-based solutions from award-winning 8(a) small businesses. Utilizing GSA 8(a) STARS III will enable agencies to access Barrow Wise through a Best-In-Class vehicle, saving time and money. 


Emerging technology builds on the capabilities of merged information and technologies, introducing opportunities that disrupt organizations. Achieving and maintaining a position of advantage requires an organization to think differently about its business and operating models. New innovative business models replace slower, older, and more expensive methods an organization uses to engage with customers and
stakeholders. These new models demand further innovation. Deploying transformative consulting and engineering solutions, Barrow Wise has helped secure the largest global cybersecurity program, transform the largest network, and strengthen the government’s most extensive payment system. Barrow Wise helps organizations harness the power of rapidly evolving digital technology by delivering:

  • Digital Transformation (Accelerator, Studies, Playbooks, Consulting, Engineering, Development, and Research)
  • Cybersecurity (Full lifecycle including Contextual Identity Access Management and Cybersecurity-Supply Chain Risk Management)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning/Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Remote Sensing)
  • Autonomic Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Technological Convergence (IoT, Cloud, and Data Mesh)
  • Virtual Reality (Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, and Mixed Reality)

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STARS III NAICS: 518210, 541519, 541511, 541512, 541513
GSA 8(a) STARS III 47QTCB22D0110
COP: 07/02/2021-07/01/2026
DUNS/UEI: 078422704 JR4FJLD74GV4


Tanesia Barrow, GSA 8(a) STARS III Program Manager
Phone: (240) 660-2087







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