8(a) Consulting Firm
8(a) Consulting Firm


We help Department of Defense with a full range of information technology consulting services.  Our services include IT Service Management, ITIL consulting and implementation, asset management, configuration management, cybersecurity, and testing and evaluation. 



Health and Life Sciences

We help our clients solve challenges by developing collaborative research infrastructures, analyzing statistical data to develop health trends, patient-centered modernization techniques, improving disease surveillance, and developing discoveries faster for the American Citizens. 


We provide critical analytical solutions to thwart domestic and international terrorism threats.  We develop and utilize sophisticated intelligence applications comprised of multiple data sources, business rules, and predictive analytics.   We provide scenario analysis, relationship detection, social media mining and mapping, and track the evolution and migration of tactics, techniques, and trends.

Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC

Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC (Barrow Wise) is a consulting firm specializing in providing innovative and sustainable solutions in federal and commercial markets.  The firm offers high-tech solutions without the risk of failure.  Our clients often face challenges developing technology roadmaps for the future, enabling new cybersecurity techniques, mining data to make more informed decisions, and automating manual processes.  Barrow Wise is at the forefront of technocological advancements.  Our rare leaders are key emitters of trends and best practice.  Barrow Wise performs with streamlined processes and produces exceptional, high-quality deliverables.  Barrow Wise solves extremely complex problems.  Barrow Wise offers creativity coupled with innovative business solutions which result in lower costs, increased efficiency, and increased accountability.


We are a nationwide firm, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with regional offices in San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida.  Our leaders have helped federal government and commercial clients to surpass their goals and accomplish their mission.


Over the years, Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of consulting services.

Management and Information Technology Consulting:


Project Management

We provide advanced project management which is based on PMBOK standards and includes a scalable adaptable framework and hub team approach.  We provide the right leaders, to articulate the end result and the plan to get there on time and on budget.  Our team is also flexible and agile, so if plans change we can adjust accordingly to suit our client’s needs.


Acquisition Management

Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC has mastered the acquisition and grants management processes.  We provide market research, acquisition planning, review, and reporting, independent government cost estimates, requirements, prepares statements of work, and manages the full  Acquisition Life Cycle while utilizing uniform best practices.


Financial Management

We assist organizations on cross cutting financial matters which include:  evaluation of assets, preparing budgets, cash management, record-keeping, financial forensics and auditing services. 


Business Process Re-Engineering

We utilize Lean Six Sigma in order to facilitate business process re-engineering.  We start with engaging all stakeholders into value stream mapping exercises and kaizen events.  Our results include eliminating waste by 50% and improving efficiency by 60%.


Performance Management

Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC provides  performance management services.  Our performance leaders can develop key performance indicators , measures, balanced scorecards, to help articulate your goals and mission.  Our custom reports and dashboards will allow you to see how your organization is performing in real-time.  


Software Development

Our technological leaders can develop any application necessary to solve our client’s problems.  Client’s needs include transforming a manual paper based process to an automated web-based application, a case management system, financial management system,  or a custom big data system.  Our leaders are experienced in the majorly used programming languages. All of our leaders are well-versed in agile software development.  We  can also develop the requirements, provide testing, perform  enterprise implementations, operations, and maintenance.  Our leaders can also refactor your existing platform, and improve the design without changing the visible functionality in order to make the platform easier to enhance in the future.  We have developed collaborative research applications and improper payments solutions. 


Artificial Intelligence

We provide sophisticated artificial intelligence systems.  Data left unmined and  unlearned is useless in today’s society.  Our leaders are experts in designing business intelligence systems with complex algorithms, which allows our clients to see the relationships within data, develop patterns, and use this information to make better decisions.  It will allow our clients to anticipate their customer's next need and uncover their enemy’s next move.  Our leaders help our client’s learn from the past and plan for the future by developing systems and applications based on neural  and rules based theories.  Our services are used in medical discoveries, financial markets,  consumer research, and criminal investigations.



Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC utilizes Cybersecurity best practices to allow our clients  to assess and thwart security attacks with ease.   Our leaders develop strategies which are vigilant and resilient to effectively manage risks.   We provide continuous monitoring, threat forensics, vulnerability assessment, content monitoring, intrusion detection, standards development, tool evaluation, training, FISMA reporting, security data warehouses, cybersecurity operations center (24x7), infrastructure engineering, and cyber threat investigations.  

Why Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC?


· Positive results

· Exceptional client engagement model

· Dynamic project management

· Innovative solutions

· Incredibly bright, passionate leaders


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